Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Swim Training – Does size matter?

Pools come in many sizes. My gym has several locations – most have a pool and they are all different lengths: 25 meter, 25 yards, and a very tiny 20 yard pool. The smallest pool is closest to my house; I started out going there most often. The 25m pool is outdoors in the summer. The first time I swam, a mile was almost undoable. After a few days, I became used to the length and it was the thought of swimming in the tiny pool that was undoable.

Yesterday, I went to a 50m pool. I was very nervous; I could barely swim a mile the last time I changed distances. Instead of being insecure about it I jumped in the water. I set off to swim at least 22 laps. It was actually easier that I thought (well, except for the woman who was doing water aerobics in the middle of the lane). I made it in about an hour.

I love the 50 meter pool! I have more water to practice my swimming stroke and focus on becoming an efficient swimmer. With fewer turnarounds, it simulates open water swimming better than the shorter pools. Plus, I don’t have to do nearly as many flip turns. I am not very good at flip turns. I usually mess up and have to stop swimming. I can go twice as far and still practice the flip turns. My abs thank me, but my swimming technique does not. The swimming is a little bit more challenging – but I feel like I am going much faster, because I am counting 100s instead of 50s.

Now, if only I had a view like this.

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