Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Break Up

My physical therapist effectively broke up with me yesterday – saying that I am progressing incredibly well and that I can increase the repetitions of my exercises. He gave me a blue (extra heavy) exercise band, which is progressively more resistance than my red or green bands.

I know that I have to pay him per visit.

I know that it is quite a trip from my house – especially just to do some stretches and run.

I know most of my stretches and the doctors gave me instructions for the “add ons”.

But still, it doesn’t feel good for the PT to say he doesn’t want to see me anymore. I have been going for almost three months. I know all their names and hobbies.

Plus, now I have to be my own motivator again. I don’t have anyone but myself and my PRs to hold me accountable for continuing to get better. And, it is terrible timing – I am already in a “I don’t want to go to the gym” rut.

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