Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Motivating or Discouraging?

This is a very hard time of year for me. The events that excite me into training are months and months away. The mornings are dark, which makes it hard for me wake up. I barely wake up in time to go to work, let alone to walk the dog or hit the gym. Even though, you have hours in the evening; the darkness at 6 or 7 tricks my mind into thinking it is bedtime. I guess they call it the “winter-time blues”. Whatever you want to call it, it makes staying in shape and staying active very difficult.

I have been working hard to meet my goal. I created a spreadsheet to track my kilometers and keep a goal. I am not doing as well as I would like - just shy of 62 km. As of today, the break down looks like this:

Run - 21 km

Bike - a big fat 0.

Swim - 4.4 km

Walking - 36 km

Clearly, I am doing much more walking than anything else. I was sick most of last week and barely left the house. I am certainly not biking as much as I would like; the cold and snowy weather has intimidated me. I would like to do more running, but I am listening to the physical therapist and taking it easy while perfecting my form.

I was proud of my spreadsheet when I was on track. I opened it up every day, and bragged about it. A coworker friend of mine said, you should add a column that will show you if you are on track. So I did. 2011 km, is about 5.5 km a day. It didn't take long for the "on track" column to grow quickly (148.50km), while my "current total" column is a little stagnant (61.87km).

At first, it was a little bit motivating, causing me to walk or run a little farther. Lately, however, I am beginning to feel a little discouraged - I almost feel as if I am failing at my goal. I know I have plenty of days to catch up. When the days are longer and warmer, it will be easier to log extra km.

And as I look out my window - the snowy thunderstorm about to drop up to 10 inches certainly will not help.

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